How to add Adform data

Navigate to the brand area you want to add Adform data, click "Administration" then click "Data Sources".

Here you can see all your available data sources. we are now going to to add Adform data. Scroll down to "Available data sources", click "Add" on one of the Adform data sources you want to add.

Start by enabling the data source (click the enable checkbox). Afterwards type in your username and click "Validate". 

Scroll down to "source settings" and type your Adform username and password. Then click "Validate". If the account information is correct, you can click "Connect".

If your account has access to many advertisers, you can select your peferred advertiser in the dropdown menu. 

You can also choose whether to import data aggregated by day, week or month.
We recommending importing data on a daily basis.

After selecting data level, you can also select how often the data is going to be upated to the report. We recommend that you import on a daily basis.

Last checkpoint is to select how much historical data you want to import. The more data you request to be imported, the longer time it takes for the datagroup to be ready to use. We recommend importing 3-6 months of historical data. 

When you are done, hit "Save", and wait approximately 1-2 hours for the data to be validated and imported. The duration time of import depends on how much data you have requested in the previous step.

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