How to Highlight KPIs in a Topic?

With Topic Highlight you can set focus on some special KPIs. Topic highlight give you the possibility to create a table where you easily can compare your brand against competitor or brand status in other countries.

To create a topic highlight table you have to create a graph or a set of graphs, each line in the table is a unique graph. In the picture above you can see that the table consists of three lines for the same brand but in different countries. This table give you a good overview of your main KPIs in the different countries. To create a table like this you have to create one unique graph per country.

To make these graphs into a table you have to click on topic edit (go to the topic you want to edit and click on the three dotted line and select edit).

Click on "Topic Highlight" and mark the graphs you want to include in the table.

To make this table available you have to click "Save changes".

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