How to Create a Dashboard with Micro Graphs?

Micro Graphs help you get even better control of your KPI with the ability to create one overview dashboard with drilldown options on each graph so that you have the detailed picture easily available. 

How to do it

If you want to convert a existing topic to micro graphs you simply click on edit and go to topic settings as explained below. if you want to create a new topic click on the create button and select new topic.



Go to topic settings and scroll down to micro graphs. Here you can select between 3 per row or 4 per row. When you have selected the grid type you want click "Save changes".


Your graphs will automaticly be updated to the selected grid type of micro graphs.


How to add images or icons to your graphs?

To make your reports easy to read you can add images or icons to the title. Visual communication is powerful and this will help you as a report editor to get attention and focus.

To add images or icons to the graph title you click on the three dotted line next to the graph title and then click on edit.


In edit mode you click on "Show more options" under "Title".

You will be presented with a new window where you drag and drop a image or icon you want to include in your graph. Customize the size by dragging in the circle and click "OK".

To make this image or icon avalible you have to click "Save chages".

How to highlight KIPs in a topic

With Topic Highlight you can set focus on some special KPIs. Topic highlight give you the possibility to create a table where you easily can compare your brand against competitor or brand status in other countries.


To create a topic highlight table you have to create a graph or a set of graphs, each line in the table is a unique graph. In the picture above you can see that the table consists of three lines for the same brand but in different countries. This table give you a good overview of your main KPIs in the different countries. To create a table like this you have to create one unique graph per country.

To make these graphs into a table you have to click on topic edit (go to the topic you want to edit and click on the three dotted line and select edit)

Click on "Topic Highlight" and mark the graphs you want to include in the table.

To make this table available you have to click "Save changes".





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