How to add Google Analytics data

Navigate to the brand area you want to add google analytics data, click "Administration" then click "Data Sources".

Here you can see all your available data sources. we are now going to to add google analytics data. Scroll down to "Available data sources", click "Add" on one of the google analytics data sources you want to add.

Start by enable the data source (click the enable checkbox)

Type in your username and click "Validate".

Scroll down to "source settings" and click "Connect".

Select the google account that have access to google analytics data you want to add. (If you don't see this google account listed up, click "Add account")

If you have more than one web property or profile select the one you want from the scroll down menu.

When you have selected the right google analytics account, web property and profile you click "Validate".

Select how often the data source should be updated. Here you can set that the data should be updated every hour or every day. We recommended to update the data source once a day.

Set the date you want to get data from at next run. If you set the date to be one year back in time the data source will contain one year of data.

Click "Save". Google analytics data will be available within 2 hours.


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