What is the difference from old to new Trend Monitor?

The new Trend Monitor is both compatible with your old Monitors and has a lot of new possibilities.

The main struture is the same. A Monitor contains topics (previously called tabs), Topics contains Graphs and Graphs contains Data series. 

Here is the main differences:

  • Graphs can be trendline chart, but also a lot of new graph types is available; Spider, bars, stacked bars, column, heatmap, area and bubble.
  • Each data series can be edited separate, or you can edit the same property for many series at the same time.
  • All properties on a data series can be edited, also filter selection. In the previous version you had to delete and add the series again if you should change a filter.
  • Topics can be copied, and this also includes all graphs in this topic. 
  • Topics can be added from edit mode, and you dont need to go to Monitor settings for adding new Topics (or tabs)
  • Data series can be copied. 
  • Graphs in a Topic can be displayed as list view or different grid combinations.
  • Filters for tracker data can be grouped into Filter Groups (ex Age Groups, Customer Segments, Regions ++). This Filter groups can be used as Topic Filter and can be available for report users to change filter for all graphs in a Topic.
  • Comments can easily be added by clicking in a point in the graph.
  • Based on a Topic you have many different view and export options;
    - Presentation view
    - Export data table in Excel
    - Export to Powerpoint
    - Distribute a dynamic offline report. This can also be sent to users without a penetrace account.





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