How to add Facebook Pages/Ads data

Navigate to the brand area you want to add Facebook data, click "Administration" then click "Data Sources".


Here you can see all your available data sources. we are now going to to add Facebook Pages as a datasource. Scroll down to "Available data sources", click "Add" on Facebook Pages/Ads as shown below:


Start by enabling the data source (click the enable checkbox). You can also customize the title of the data source and add a description. In the box at the bottom just type in your username in Penetrace and click "Validate".


You are now halfway there! Now you must connect your Facebook account which has access to the Facebook page/ads. Click on "Login with Facebook".

Simply type in your credentials and click "Log in".


Afterwards, the image below will be displayed. Simply click "Check permissions", and the API will automatically check if your account has sufficient access to fetch data from Facebook.

If Permissions are given, you can now select how often the data source is going to update. We recommend updating data every day. You can also choose to fetch historical data 2 months back in time from the current date you setup this data source. When you are done, simply click on "Save" and you have finished setup of Facebook Pages/Ads data source.




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