How to create and distribute online scheduled report

You can create and distribute online reports directly from Penetrace. This feature will make reporting of any kind of data easier and more effective. To generate a report simply choose the topic which you want to base the report on, and click the envelope symbol at the top right corner of the screen. 



Click “Create”


You are now in report settings. Click on "Schedule report" and choose when the automatic report is going to be sent.



Now you can set a title for your report and add a description of what kind of report it is. Afterwards, select the users you would like to share this report with. You can either choose from existing Penetrace users who have access to the reports, or you can click on "distribution list" to specify other emails you want to share with. 

Now scroll down and click "Create"

You will now be re-directed to the first "Report settings" view. Here you will see a green highlighted message in the top right corner wich confirms that the report is successfully created. In the list you can also see the new report. 


Congratulations! You have now created your first scheduled report.




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