How to add online buzz data through Solid Media Group (Cyberwatcher)

Navigate to the brand area you want to add online buzz data with Solid Media Group data, click "Administration" then click "Data Sources".

Here you can see all your available data sources. we are now going to to add Solid Media Group data. Scroll down to "Available data sources", click "Add" on the "Solid Media Group" data source


Start by enabling the data source (click the enable checkbox). Afterwards type in your username and click "Validate".


Now scroll down to "Source settings". Here you need to fill in two different fields. The first field is the "title" field. Here you can type in a grouping dimension, which is the dimension you later on will add in Trend Monitor to create graphs. Inside this dimension you can have several "keywords" which define the grouping title. Click on the "Examples" box to see different combinations of keywords and how to use them. You can click "Add topic" to add several groupings with different keywords.

In the end, you can specify location and language.

You are almost done! Now you can click on "Get data from" and specify a date 6 months back in time which the data source should fetch data. When you have done this, click Save. Congratulations! The data source is now created.




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