How to create a Calculated measure

With Calculated measures you can create new measures based on whatever data you have available. This is done inside Trend Monitor, and is as easy as creating graphs.

  • You can create new measures based on any data series
  • A new Calculated measure will be added to your current graph, and will be saved for
           future use in other graphs
  • You can combine data from any data source
  • It gets updated every time the underlying data source(s) is updated
  • You can specify formula with both data series and numbers, and you can group data
           series and numbers 

How to create a new Calculated measure

Step 1: Add data series

See this guide on creating graphs

Step 2: Go to tab Calculation

Step 3: Add data series to calculation

Series can now be added to your calculation formula.

Note: After a serie is added to the formula you can not change properties (on tab Edit data series). In other words; data series is added to the formula with the current properties (for data level and so on), and if you change properties later it will only affect how this is viewed in the chart and not in the formula.

Step 4: Edit calculation 

With series added to the formula you can start edit it:

  1. Drag and drop series to reorder, or move to another group
  2. Add numbers by clicking the + symbol
  3. Edit operator between series and/or between groups
  4. Change unit (or label) and select data level
  5. Add a title (is mandatory before you can see preview or save)

When you are done editing you can test the formula and see the result in the graph by clicking the Preview button.

If you are happy with the result you can Save as it as new Calculated measure. Note: You can not edit a formula after it is saved. 


Cost per awareness point
Formula: (Total media spend / Total ad awareness)

Average Ad awareness 
In my industry (lets say you measure 4 brands in your tracker):
Formula: (Total ad awareness own brand + Total ad awareness competitor 1 + Total ad awareness competitor 2.... ) / 4

Total impressions 
Formula: Impressions AdForm + Impressions Facebook Ads 

+ many other ways to add value to your data.


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