How to share data from a Trend Monitor

From Trend Monitor it is many different ways to share content, and data. With the term data here we are referring to the underlying data from a graph.

The data we talk about here has the same properties as in the graphs  (time level, labels, filters ans so on)

Different ways of sharing data:

  1. Download data table
    As a Excel file.
    This contains data from all graphs from a Topic

  2. Create a shareable link
    This can be included in Google Sheets or used to integrate with external systems. Format is a XML file.
    This contains all graphs from a Monitor

Download Data table

This is available from the graph options menu, on all graphs. 

The downloaded file contains all graphs from the current topic. You will find 2 sheets in the excel file:

  • sheet 1 contains a table with columns as the specified time level
  • sheet 2 contains a format optimized for creating a pivot table. This allows for more custom analytics with pivot- and excel features.

Create shareable link

With this option you can get hold of all the data from a monitor in a file available on a url. This means you can use this file if you want to insert data from Penetrace into a Google Sheets, or if you want to integrate with a external system. The  file format is a structured XML- file.

Step 1: Create a shareable file

This is done from a Trend Monitor on this menu/icon:

Then you need to create the file, and set the expiration date for the url. 

The link you create is available for everyone who has the link, so you should make sure to share the link only with the right people. Even if the link can be used by others the security is good (link url is not publicly available, and can not be guessed) as long as you limit distribution of the url. Security is in this case similar to using shareable link in Google Drive/Sheets.

Step 2: Create a Google Sheets file

Go to your Google account and create a google sheets, and open it.

You can now insert data from the shareable link into a cell in the document. This is done using a function called ImportXML. You can read more about this function here.

The correct formula is:

=IMPORTXML("INSERT SHAREABLE URL HERE","//tables/table/series")

Here is a example:


Google Sheets or Excel?

The file is optimized for Google Sheets, but it can also be used in Excel. A guide for working with Excel will be published here later.





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